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My Skill Set/Services

Call 678-815-3767 or email me at to book your next event!

Front of House/Mixer for Hire

Not only running FOH mixers, I have extensive knowledge of set ups. Being able to walk into a empty room, and set up a system is what I do. This includes, EQ'ing, compression, gates as well as speaker arrangement and hook up.

Editing and Post Production.

In addition to Front of House experience, I have knowledge in Post Production as well! Taking raw audio files and adding basic EQ's and compression on them is in my skill set.

Weddings and DJ

Call me for your wedding or other small events.  I have a portable system that can meet the demands of your event.


A Bit About Me

My Professional Approach

Having a sound engineer vs. just someone who "knows" how to use the equipment can make all the difference! I have been mixing for 13 years now and I can be that difference. I have been trained by FOH engineers, and have mixed in a number of different scenarios. Mixing is more than moving faders on a mixer, it's an art. To achieve superior sound, it takes knowledge of EQ's, Compression, and more. I have the knowledge and the training to make your event sound great. With a mix of professionalism and proper training, I will stand out among the rest.



Mixer for Hire


If you have a system, and need an engineer to run it this is the package for you. With over 10 years experience, and training from a professional. I can accommodate what you need! If you have a sound you want a engineer for basic changes, or if you need a full mix. I can handle your needs! 

Wedding DJ

Package A$500 for wedding and reception
Package B $250 for just wedding$250 for just reception

Every marriage has a vision from the couple. It is a magical night, and can be ruined by the smallest detail. Whatever the vision, I can accommodate! Games, announcemence and more I can be what you need!


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