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Loudspeaker Engineering, Design and Testing

DLC Loudspeaker R&D Group has a unique position in the Audio Industry with over 35 years of experience in the field of Research, Development, and Design, with foundations originally acquired at the BBC Loudspeaker Research Department in England. We are one of the most experienced independent speaker  engineering companies in our field, and our prime focus is to work very closely with our client’s needs to secure the finest possible sonic experience at any given price point.

Our Mission

We adopt the latest concepts in advanced Research and Development for all types of Loudspeaker and Headphone Technology. Comprehensive planning and design for complete loudspeaker systems and crossover networks using advanced computer analysis. All elements are optimized to match and complement each other resulting in superior performance. State of the art acoustical and mechanical designing on all classes of loudspeaker enclosure, including bass reflex, sealed, band-pass, and transmission line, for a very broad range of possible requirements.

Full LMS 4.6, LEAP 5, PRAXIS, TrueRTA, CLIOwin 7.13 QC, and LspLAB3 measurements are available for any type of loudspeaker. Expert voicing and auditioning, with a true independent opinion to maximize sales at any given price point. Factory supplied Reference and Studio quality loudspeakers are on hand for comparison test against, including models from Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) Loudspeakers Ltd, Tannoy Ltd, and Dynaudio GmbH.

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