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Peter Duminy has a long and recognized career in the research, development, and design of audio component and loudspeaker technology. A native of the U.K., he worked in the 1970s as an advanced R&D engineer with the BBC Loudspeaker Research Department, and then with Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeakers Ltd. for a number of years. He immigrated to Vancouver to join Steintron International Electronics in the early 1980s, where he was head of Design, Research and Development until 1985. Subsequent to that, he held R&D positions with the B.C. Audio Research Company (1985–2001) and Level 9 Sound Designs (Monsoon Audio) until he joined Edifier Ltd. in 2004. In 2007, he became the Director of Advanced Research & Development for the Edifier Hi-Tech Group Inc. & STAX Electrostatic Products Ltd. He also has been heavily involved over the latter years with Advanced Research & Development for companies such as Mission Loudspeakers Ltd, Tannoy Ltd, as well as TC-Helicon Inc.


Peter has become a firmly established and well known figure in the Audio and Loudspeaker Industry in the U.K., North America, and now Asia, with a great vision for future listener's needs, along with over 35 years of dedicated experience.




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Taped Radio Interview with CFUN



"One of England’s Great Loudspeaker Designers"


A one on one interview with Peter Duminy by Doc Harris of CFUN Radio.


Doc Harris - CKDA Victoria; CJAT Trail BC; Saskatoon; Sudbury ON; CHAM Hamilton early 1970s; Toronto; CKLG Vancouver morning host 1975-83; CFMI-FM, CKKS-FM, AM 1040, CKNW, CFUN Vancouver; CISL Vancouver morning host 2002-03


“When asked what philosophy separates him from other Designers in his field, his soft spoken reply in the most correctly spoken Queen's English I have heard in years is: “To conceive Loudspeakers for the future that create an illusion of reality, found only in our imaginations of today". © 2001 Peter Duminy, Director of R&D.


Excerpt of taped interview originally

broadcast in 2001.



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All rights reserved



More Radio History


Gary Bannerman - Reporter The Vancouver Province 1970; CKNW New Westminster 1972-86; CFSR-FM Abbotsford 1986-93; current president Bannerline Enterprises Ltd.




Peter Duminy guest on The Gary Bannerman Radio Show


“This Englishman is a walking Database when it comes to anything to do with Loudspeakers and their Design”


CKNW Live Phone-In to answer listeners questions about Stereo and Hi-Fi April 1984.


Copyright © 1984 AM980 CKNW- All Rights Reserved



Walt Rutherford - CKWX Vancouver early 1980s; Vancouver Island.


CKWX Monthly Hints and Tips for Better Sound Quality Hosted by Walt Rutherford and Guest Hosted by Peter Duminy 1984-1986.


“Our resident monthly Hi-Fi expert has invaluable answers and advice for us all”


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