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The following is a list of useful links that have been compiled of unbiased Product Reviews written by Peter Duminy. If you wish to be added to this list, please send an e-mail. Please click on the Company names.



Tannoy Loudspeakers Ltd.

 Tannoy have been in operation since 1928. Their most famous loudspeaker driver is the Dual Concentric unit. It has now been in production in various configurations since 1948. Used by more Recording Studios worldwide than any other brand. Tannoy is the only loudspeaker company in the world to have their name included in the Oxford Dictionary as a generic term in their own right. The company is based in Coatbridge, Scotland.

B&W Loudspeakers Ltd.

 Winner of the Queen's Award to Industry twice, B&W has become a name synonymous with perfection in sound, nearing the lifelong dream of the late co-founder John Bowers. The unique styling was originated by Dr. Kenneth Grange in London at the famous Pentagram Studios, and is now also being performed by famed stylist Morton Warren. Remarkable R&D is performed from the Village of Steyning in Sussex, and is dubbed The University of Sound by the Industry and Press.

The B.B.C. Research Department


 "We are a world-leading R&D centre for media production and broadcasting technology - this is a duty under the BBC Charter". The BBC funded research into loudspeaker design led to a wide ranging investigation into the science of loudspeaker design, including cabinet construction, damping, and the acoustic properties of various driver materials. Home to many of the most famous Loudspeaker Designers, such as Spencer Hughes of Spendor Loudspeakers Ltd. and frequented by the late Peter Walker of Quad Ltd, as well as the author and owner of this Website.


Dynaudio GmbH 

 Allied with the TC Group, Dynaudio Acoustics aims at getting even closer to the original recorded sound and sets new standards in terms of quality and design. Selected by the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation for creation and quality control of signal, as well as being chosen by many of the World's best Studios for music and film sound production. 

Accuphase Laboratory Inc.

 Founded in 1972, Accuphase Laboratory Inc. has become a name synonymous with outstanding build quality and sonic performance. Instantly recognizeable for their "Champagne Gold" faceplates, Accuphase products are used not only by high-end domestic consumers, but also Industry Professionals worldwide. After many months of intensive listening and rigorous testing, Accuphase has now been chosen by this R&D facility for all auditioning.

V.A.L. Audio Inc

 A very unusual and quite unique collection of Tube Audio Products. The Company is based in China, located in a new Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Shenzhen. Excellent designs, and first class fit and finish appear to be the hallmark of this Company. Tubes still do offer the listener a rare purity and insight into the musical performance.